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About This Site
Background information about why this site exists
The South Burnett is one of the most rapidly expanding rural regions in Queensland. In a little less than 7 years it's become the largest wine producing area of the state (as well as the most northerly wine producing area in Australia). It's also home to many new high-quality niche food industries.

These include:

  • fresh cheeses and dairy products
  • olives
  • aquaculture
  • avocados
  • goat meat
  • organic beef
  • organic dried fruits
  • organic poultry and
  • stonefruits (amongst many others)

Nearly all the region's emerging food industries have been actively encouraged and assisted by Queensland's Department of Primary Industries and by a raft of vibrant local industry associations.

Since most of the South Burnett is less than 2 to 3 hours drive from Brisbane and within easy reach of most other parts of South-East Queensland, this site was established in October 2002 with a grant from the Department of Primary Industries to help raise awareness of what the South Burnett has to offer food and wine connoisseurs - whether their interest is commercial (such as sourcing new suppliers) or simply personal.

The version of the site you're currently viewing is Phase 2 of a multi-phase project. So do be certain to bookmark us and check back in future for exciting additions to this site!

This web site was officially launched by Queensland Minister for Primary Industries and Rural Communities Henry Palaszczuk at the Shakin' Grape Wine Festival held at the Barambah Ridge Winery in Redgate on Saturday 19th October 2002.

Many, many people have had a role to play in this web site's creation. They include:

Disclaimer and Copyright
Every attempt has been made to ensure that this web site is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. We recognise that you'll probably rely on it to make contact with the businesses and organisations we list; or to plan a trip to visit the South Burnett in person - and we appreciate the trust you place in us to advise you correctly.

All the same, all web sites (including ours) are only a reflection of real life. So there'll be occasions from time to time when some of the data we display is not 100% accurate - usually because someone has neglected to advise us of a change in their product lines, contact details, particular circumstances or similar things. This being so, we can't accept any responsibility for such errors and anything that may result from them.

All the same, if you do discover any such an inaccuracy, we'd greatly appreciate it if you'd tell us - either by phoning (07) 4162-3899 or via email. We promise we will correct any error as quickly as possible.

Finally, please be aware that all materials on this site are subject to copyright law and are © 2002-2003 to South Burnett Online (or where materials have been used with permission, to the owners of those materials).

Fishing at Lake Boondooma

Above: The South Burnett
is home to two of
Queensland's largest
inland waterways:
Lake Boondooma and the Bjelke-Petersen Dam.
Both have abundant
stocks of fish and are
enormously popular with
tourists and locals alike.



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