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About Our Databases
A quick overview of our regional cuisine databases
The South Burnett Tourism Association maintain a comprehensive online database of all the South Burnett's tourist attractions and visitor facilities at

This database - still being developed - includes complete listings of all the South Burnett's:

This section of our site serves up these portions of our region's tourism database, allowing you to obtain a wealth of information on these subjects quickly and easily.

We're also currently developing additional databases (you can expect to see them here in the first quarter of 2003), one of which will provide searchable listings of all the South Burnett's cuisine suppliers - ideal if you're attempting to source some of the hard-to-get foodstuffs that are produced here!

In the meantime, we have a much smaller, static list of South Burnett cuisine suppliers that you can use as a starting point.

Rosella's Restaurant in the Bunya Mountains

Above: Rosella's Restaurant
in the Bunya Mountains -
just one of many fine
South Burnett restaurants
which serve regional



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