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Great ways to discover more about the South Burnett!
South Burnett Online
The South Burnett's daily newspaper is the single most comprehensive site about the South Burnett. In addition to daily news every Monday to Friday it also has a live daily regional events calendar, regional online business directory, daily job vacancies, and much, much more. If you're looking for anything in the South Burnett, this is the place to start!
South Burnett Tourism
The South Burnett's regional tourism web site opened in August 2002. This site is an extension of South Burnett Online (above) and in addition to a comprehensive and up-to-date tourist database, offers a wealth of information about all the principal towns of the South Burnett and any major Festivals or similar events being held in the region. If you're planning a visit, this should be your first online stop.
Regional Councils
Nearly all the South Burnett's councils also have their own web sites, and they provide information about tourism and business opportunities in the region, as well as current news:
Queensland Department of Primary Industries
The Queensland DPI maintain an office in Kingaroy and provide expert research and development expertise to South Burnett agriculturalists. The DPI's web site contains a wealth of up-to-date information about crops, soils, climate and current research of interest to all Queensland primary producers.
Wine and Food In The Park Festival
The Wine and Food In The Park Festival has been held annually in Kingaroy every March since 1997. This Festival has become the principal showcase for the region's wine and food producers and drew more than 5,500 people in 2002. The Festival's web site provides background information on the Festival and (from December each year) updates about the coming Festival programme.
The Peanut Van
The Peanut Van have been established in Kingaroy since 1969, and are the largest suppliers of Jumbo grade peanuts in the country. They also manufacture a range of flavoured peanuts and have built a global mail order business supplying their unique peanut products world-wide. Their web site provides lots of information about peanuts, a slew of wonderful recipes and offers convenient SSL online ordering too.
Peanut Company of Australia
The South Burnett is the home of Australia's peanut industry, and PCA are the industry's peak processors and central marketing body. Their web site provides some background on this important agricultural industry, fun peanut recipes and useful background information about both the company and the industry.
South Burnett Wine
A number of the South Burnett's wineries now have web sites. Many also have cafes, restaurants and B&B accommodation on their grounds as well. And you can find out everything you'd like to know about the South Burnett's wineries and cellar doors on the South Burnett Wine Industry Association's web site.
Gayndah Packers Co-Operative (Gaypak)
Gayndah in the Central Burnett shares borders with Wondai, Murgon and Kilkivan Shires in the South Burnett and is Australia's largest manadrin grower. Their web site provides a wealth of information about this important Australian agricultural industry, along with a number of delicious mandarin recipes.
Examining a South Burnett avocado crop

Above: The South Burnett
is located a little more
than 2 hours drive north
west of Brisbane. It's one
of the major food supply
areas for the city next to
the Lockyer Valley and
the Darling Downs.



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