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Mid-Winter's Night Banquet At Dusty Hill
26th May 2005: If you're a fan of Dusty Hill Vineyard's periodic soirees you'd better mark June 25th down in your calendar now. To celebrate the winter solstice (albeit a couple of days late - it actually falls on June 22nd this year) the Hill will be holding a Mid Winter's Night Banquet for 60 guests that should have most attendees either seeing double and/or talking in tongues by the end of the evening. As regular readers probably know, over the last year Dusty Hill have been pioneering gala winery nights in the Moffatdale area. And they've gradually built up quite a reputation for it. So much so that their last few special events have been either total sell-outs or the next closest thing to it. And while no-one could accuse the Hill's soirees of being cheap, they do represent good value if you really want to let your hair down. Why? Because they're a total package that includes food, wine and transport. The up-coming Mid Winter's Night Banquet is no different. For $135 per head (or $120 per head if you're already a member of the Hill's wine club) you can get to enjoy all the food you can eat and all the wine you can drink; live musical entertainment; free transport to and from all the accommodation venues in and around Murgon; and a slap-up breakfast at the vineyard's Cafe the next morning to see you on your way. If you'd like to book tickets, though, you'd best be quick about it. I doubt they'll last long. You can do so by phoning Dusty Hill on (07) 4168 4700; by mobile on (0417) 684-700 or via email.
Kingaroy Cheese Scores Gold At Sydney Show
Chris Ganzer of Kingaroy Cheese23rd May 2005: A little less than two weeks ago I mentioned that Kingaroy Cheese - whose production has increased by about 33% over last 12 months as demand for its cheeses continues to grow - was competing at the Australian Speciality Cheesemaker's Show in Sydney (see story 11th May 2005). I'm now pleased to report that this exciting firm has walked away with a Gold Medal yet again: this time for their Stuart River Triple Cream Brie. This isn''t the first time the company have won gold at this very, very prestigious event and cheesemaker Chris Ganzer is understandably delighted with the result. "This is a very exciting outcome not only for our company but also for the State's dairying industry in general," he said. "I don't think anyone would dispute that deregulation has hit the Queensland industry particularly hard. There's been a lot of bad news over the last few years from the farm gate right through to the factory floor and I don't think consumers are noticeably better off for it either. But this award demonstrates that no matter what, there are still Queensland companies out there striving to produce the highest quality cheese.and dairy products. And that with the maturing of Australian palates there are now plenty of consumers out there who now demand this too." Chris will now be placing the latest gold medal into Kingaroy Cheese's trophy case to join the barrow-load of other gongs the firm has won since the company was founded in the old William Street Butter Factory just a few years ago. And - of course! - going back to making top notch cheeses. Photo above: Cheesemaker Chris Ganzer of Kingaroy Cheese with a batch of the firm's nationally-acclaimed products.
Indian Cookery Classes At Burning Beats
Paul Stoddart from Burning Beats Cafe20th May 2005: Interested in learning how to cook Indian food? If so, then you should book yourself a place at the Burning Beats Café's first-ever Indian Cookery course, which will be held on Sunday 5th June 2005. Over the last couple of years the Café's owner/chef Paul Stoddart (pictured at right) has had major success with his popular Thai cookery classes and the new Indian cookery class will follow the same model. Paul told me that many of his customers have been asking for Indian cuisine lessons for a fair while. "I've already accumulated a list of approximately 50 people who are interested in attending", Paul said. Students who go along to the course will have the opportunity to watch practical demonstrations as well as get some get hands-on experience in preparing exotic dishes using traditional Indian techniques and ingredients - and then be able to eat the results! Some of the dishes that will be demonstrated on the day are the all-important home made Tandoori Paste; Alu Ghosh (a fantastic beef and potato curry); Dhal (a traditional lentil dish); Sweet Potato and Spinach Curry; Chicken Passanra Curry and a selection of condiments and Indian salads. Paul told me one of the most important aspects of the course is explaining how curries should be eaten and which accompaniments are appropriate to individual dishes. "The day should be a fairly casual and relaxed experience for students but they'll be able to get their hands dirty if they like," Paul said. The course will run from 10.00am until approximately 3.00pm and bookings - if you're quick! - can be made by calling the Café on (07) 4162-3932 or via email. PS: Burning Beats will be closed for 3-weeks from 22nd June 2005 while Paul and his partner Kerry take a much needed study break to Vietnam. Expect some amazing new dishes on the Cafe's menu when they return.
Region To Get Better Winery Signage In Next Few Years
Wine Minister Margaret Keech17th May 2005: Since her appointment at the last State election as Queensland's first ever Minister for Wine, I've written several stories about Margaret Keech (pictured at right) and her ongoing work to develop the Queensland wine industry. So far most people I've spoken to seem very happy with the job she's doing. And if progress on particular matters sometimes seems a bit slow, it's only because Minister Keech holds down several other portfolios (such as Tourism and Fair Trading); because a lot of the work she's doing is pretty fundamental stuff that's never been properly addressed before; and because some of it involves the co-operation of several different Government departments to bring into effect. One of these jobs involves introducing some sensible reforms into the State's often arcane liquor licensing laws - particularly as they apply to wine (see story 23rd February 2005). And another - which I'm pleased to be writing about today - is the gradual introduction of standardised road signage for the State's wineries so that tourists can readily identify not only when they're entering or leaving a major wine region (in particular, the South Burnett and the Granite Belt) but also where the wineries are physically located inside those regions. Very soon big signs will be going up around the Granite Belt to do this. And within the next 24 months or so you can expect to see similar signage erupt right across the South Burnett too. The wine region and winery signs will be modelled on existing signage already used in Victoria which both States hope to turn into a national standard. And unless grapes get planted soon at Blackbutt or Yarraman in the south of Kilkivan Shire in north, visitors can probably expect to be welcomed to the South Burnett wine region just south of Nanango and slightly north of Moffatdale.
South Burnett Training Women In Hospitality To Meet Skills Shortages
Gerreldine Abbey, Tiffany Abbey and Amy Burgess14th May 2005: If you've ever wondered if there's a future in tourism, wonder no more! Right now 20 women are being trained in hospitality at the Southern Queensland Institute of TAFE in Kingaroy as part of a return to work program. The program is in a response to a skills shortage in our region's hospitality and tourism industry which was identified by a local advisory group headed by CTC Employment. CTC then initiated the program as part of a Community Training Partnership and secured f $120,000 from the Queensland State Government to run it. The women are doing a Certificate II hospitality program and the goal of the initiative is to train people who are long term unemployed wanting to return to the workforce or part-time workers looking to improve their skills so they can find more satisfying permanent employment. Student Amy Burgess (pictured far right) said she was doing the hospitality course so she could re-enter the workforce after having children at a young age. Amy has worked in hospitality before but would like to get a job in a winery. "It's something different and I have an interest in wines," she said. "The skills I'm getting in this course are practical and I won't have to guess what to do when I get employed. I'll be able to a help to my boss straight away and shouldn't need much further training." Gerreldine Abbey (pictured at left) is the mother of Tiffany Abbey (pictured at middle) and they're doing the course together to jointly improve their employment prospects. Gerreldine wants more customer skills so she can change her career path after working in hospitality before and running a hotel kitchen. Mrs Abbey said "I'm tired of cooking and want to deal more with customers and the public. The training I'm getting from TAFE is giving me the skills to do so." Daughter, Tiffany, 14, is currently a Year 10 student at the Kingaroy TAFE campus and is doing the course to get extra skills. In the coming weeks, students will receive hands-on experience as they commence work experience in various South Burnett restaurants, wineries and hotels. Photo: Amy Burgess, Tiffany Abbey and Gerreldine Abbey are doing a TAFE hospitality course funded by a Community Training Partnership to help meet skills shortages in the South Burnett's tourism and hospitality industries.
Kingaroy Cheese Production Up 33%
Kingaroy Cheese11th May 2005: With embattled milk producer Parmalat Australia closing its soft cheese and butter factory in Warwick within the next six months and recently announced job cuts in jobs at Dairy Farmers' Toowoomba factory, its probably not surprising to hear that the South Burnett's boutique cheese factory Kingaroy Cheese has been experiencing higher demand for its products lately. Master Cheesemaker Chris Ganzer told me this week that although the industry's mass producers haven't posed any direct competition to his company, the closures and cut-backs are effectively leaving Queensland with an industry base of boutique manufacturers. "This year our annual production has increased from 9 tonnes to 12 tonnes", Chris said, "and I think it's a reflection of how sophisticated Queenslanders palates have become as mass-produced cheeses disappear off their dinner tables". The award-winning cheesemaker has just entered its range of cheeses into this month's Sydney's Speciality Cheesemaker's Show (held on 22nd may 2005) and I'm sure lots of people will be interested in the result. Kingaroy Cheese has already racked up 3 gold medals from previous appearances at the event. And for the first time in any competition, Chris is entering the company's popular soft Quark cheese (Quark is a European style cream cheese). I've also been informed that the latest issue of Australian Vogue Traveller has a special feature on Crème Fraiche, which includes… you guessed it! Kingaroy Crème Fraiche.
Have Lunch With Peter Howard At Captain's Paddock
Peter Howard8th May 2005: On Sunday 15th May Captain's Paddock Vineyard at Booie will be presenting a sneak preview of their upcoming 2003 Double Pruned Shiraz (otherwise known as The Last Syrah) at a special luncheon hosted by celebrity chef Peter Howard. From 11.30am until late in the afternoon, diners will be treated to a 5-course barbeque lunch cooked by the man himself with choices of entrees and main courses taken straight from the pages of Peter's new cookbook "Licence To Grill" (which is also being launched at the affair). The lunch will be finished off with Kingaroy Cheese and a home made chocolate sticky date pudding with all courses be accompanied by matching wines. Mr Howard will also have copies of his books on hand for autographing and purchase and he'll displaying and discussing his own new range of food products as well. Paddock owner Mary-Anne Pidcock told me it's a sign of the South Burnett's coming of age when well-known wine and food commentators like Peter Howard make regular visits to the region. "Attendees can expect Peter to share his well-known enthusiasm and passion for South Burnett wine and food," she said. The vineyard will also take the opportunity to launch the latest bottles of their award winning Rosetta rose-style wine. I've also been warned that with only a week to go, seats are at a premium. So reserve your spot ASAP if you want to enjoy what promises to be a very interesting afternoon indeed! You can make a booking by phoning the Paddock on (07) 4162-4534 or via email. Photo: Celebrity chef Peter Howard, who'll be giving guests a good grilling at Captain's Paddock next Sunday.
Ramon Whitten Vies For Apprentice Of The Year
Ramon Whitten5th May 2005: Newly qualified chef Ramon Whitten, who now runs the kitchen at Explorers Restaurant at the Burke and Wills Motor Inn in Kingaroy following the departure of chef Steve Gudzinski (see story 20th April 2005), has been short-listed for the 2005 Queensland Training Awards Apprentice of the Year. Regular readers may recall that back in March Ramon took out an award at the PCA South Burnett Culinary Competition held at the Tarong Mine Wine and Food in the Park Festival. Ramon told me that after he was nominated for the training award he was short-listed and interviewed in Gympie by a panel judges last week . "I was very happy with the way the interview went and I'm just thrilled that I've got this far", he told me. Although the 32-year-old chef had only decided to undergo his chef's apprenticeship in recent years, he has more than 10 years of hands-on experience cooking in many establishments throughout Queensland. Several years ago Ramon ran the kitchen at the former Brisbane restaurant Arrivederci - which has been recently renovated and renamed Restaurant Louvre for the popular reality TV program My Restaurant Rules. The Apprentice of the Year Award is judged first in Townsville (at the regional level) on 18th June with a prizes of a trophy, certificate and $500.00. Regional winners will then be judged at the state level with an opportunity to nominate for the Australian finals. I'd certainly like to wish Ramon the best of luck and I'm everyone who's enjoyed his work at first hand would too. Naturally, I'll keep you updated on his progress. Photo: Apprentice of the Year nominee Ramon Whitten in action at the 2005 PCA South Burnett Culinary Competition (photo by Clive Lowe courtesy of PCA)
New Autumn Recipes From Cahill's Wines
John Cahill2nd May 2005: Regular readers will be aware that every season for the last half year now, the South Burnett's smallest - but arguably pluckiest! - winemaker John Cahill has been releasing seasonal recipes to accompany his wines. I thought this was such a good idea when John kicked it off that we've been making them available right here on South Burnett Cuisine in Adobe PDF format so you can print them out and try them at home yourself. And in this vein I'm pleased to report that John (pictured at right) has just released two more recipes for Autumn: one for a Pot Roast Silverside on Champ Potato with a Horseradish Cream Sauce and the other for a Buttermilk Panna Cotta with Tropical Fruit Salsa. I must confess that John asked for my advice with these two recipes, but then he went on to add some special twists of his own. The two dishes are (naturally!) matched with Cahill's Kingaroy Ridge Shiraz and Tawny Port - which you can only obtain at the Carrollee Hotel bottle shop in Kingaroy. John told me that the weather really determined his choices. "I reckon that a typical South Burnett autumn delivers warm days and brisk evenings. So people start getting inspired to bring out the old faithful dishes that the grew up with", John said, "and I've given the new recipes a go and loved them". John also told me he's just barrelled a new style of wine which will expand on his already popular collection. But more news on that when it hits my desk! Photo: John Cahill from Kingaroy Ridge with his increasingly famous Shiraz and Port. You can get John's latest seasonal recipes in PDF format by clicking here (1.1 Mb) 


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